How to use UnrealROXΒΆ

The main purpose of this section is teaching you yo successfully use UnrealROX with your photorrealistic scene! [1].

To successfully use UnrealROX you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Check for hardware and software prerrequisites: please check and satisfy all the Hardware and Software prerequisites.
  2. UnrealROX installation: consists basically on clone or download the UnrealROX github. For more details go to Installation section.
  3. Configure your scene: get or create your own awesome and photorrealistic scene. Migrate it to the UnrealROX project. Put a robot in your scene and choose the objects to interact with. Configure the objects properly and finally build scene lighting. The step by step guide for the scene configuration can be found in Scene configuration section.
  4. Learn how to control the robot: go to VR Controllers section and see the input map for your VR hardware.
  5. Record your first sequence: configure the recording process and start recording your first sequence. For knowing how to do this, go to Recording section.
  6. Get your perfect data: generate the ground truth for the recorded sequences. Go to Playback section and finish this tutorial!
  • For any question/request or contribute to UnrealROX project and make it grow, please contact any of the authors of this project.
  • To report any bug or issue, please use Github issue tracker.

Thanks for using UnrealROX project!

[1]this tutorial was done with Unreal Engine 4.18. We cannot guarantee UnrealROX work properly with other UE version.